alphaiAlpha-Core winds standard and custom cores from grain oriented silicon steel to meet your exact needs.  


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Magnetic Toroidal Cores

Flat Magnet Wire

AWG 32 through AWG 11 in stock

RFI/EMI Shielding Tape


Specialty Wire Products

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 Silicon Steel Toroidal Cores 
 Over 30 sizes in stock from
20 VA to 2,000 VA




 Silicon Steel C-Cores 
Over 30 sizes in stock from 2.4 VA to 4,600 VA   

 C-Core Banding Tools

  Custom Magnetic Cores    

Silicon Steel O-Cores 

Over 15 sizes in stock from 12 VA to 2,400 VA



Amorphous C-Cores

50% lower core weight and volume.


 Toroidal Amorphous Cores

  LaminaxRFI / EMI Shielding Tape

Used as a Winding Conductor,
electrostatic and grounding shields


Wire Products

Selected sizes in stock from AWG 22 to AWG 36


 Flat Magnet Wire

AWG 32 through AWG 11 in stock



 Power Cables for Pulsed Lasers 



 Toroidal Transformer Mounting Hardware


 Toroidal Core Winding Equipment

With slider head, gear head and taping head.
Table Top and Floor Models


Goertz Audio Cables

More Products from Bridgeport Magnetics




 Transformer Testing Equipment  


 Ball Bearings

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Alpha-Core is a division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc., a renowned manufacturer of toroidal (donut shape) magnetic products. 

At our Tortran division we make toroidal transformers and inductors from PC board level up to 40,000 VA. Toroidal Transformers  are more efficient than the conventional stacked E-I lamination type transformers.  They are much quieter, exhibit much less magnetic stray fields with much lower losses and require no special tooling for custom dimensions.